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What is Shopify? – E-commerce solution to create your online store


What is Shopify? – E-commerce solution to create your online store
What is Shopify? http://ecommerceby.com/shopify

Amazon and Ebay dominate the world of online shopping. You can become a seller on their platforms if you wish to make money on their e-commerce marketplace. The advantage to using Amazon and Ebay, for making sales, millions of potential buyers are online 24/7 looking for the next best deal through these two marketplaces. The biggest disadvantage for a seller, there are millions of other sellers offering the same products as you. Also, Amazon and Ebay have very strict rules and regulations that must be adhered to and if you violate these rules they will kick you out.

The bottom line, you are “renting” their property and you only have minimal control over your store. Another disadvantage to selling products with these marketplaces, you will not have any customer information because they are considered the property of Amazon and Ebay.

Woo Commerce (WordPress Plugin):
This plugin will allow you to create your own #OnlineStore, it’s free to use but does require technical skills to make the most of it. You will have to pay for hosting to get your site up and running while dealing with technical skills on a continual basis. WordPress websites need to be updated with the latest versions to keep your site running properly and securely.

If you would prefer not to deal with anything technical and just focus on selling and marketing your product, #Shopify might just be the answer you are looking for. This is a great solution for people who already have products to sell and simply want their own online store that is setup in a very short period of time. Also, if you don’t have a product, at this time, you can take full advantage of their drop shipping option to make money.

Keep in mind, you will have to pay Shopify a monthly subscription to use their platform. That said, you will not need any technical skills to run the site. Shopify is a hosted #ecommerce platform, they will take care of all updates of software and dealing with security issues. Customers are always very concerned about their personal information and must feel they are safe shopping with you. Shopify’s very highly rated security features are very well known among customers and e-commerce platforms across the internet.

Shopify is also extremely easy to use and if you are familiar with WordPress, it will take you no time at all to start using their platform. They also offer many great looking themes and apps to choose from that are optimized for e-commerce use.

One of the greatest benefits for creating your own Shopify store, you are the owner and in total control of your store. Your customer’s contact information will stay with you and no one else. You will be able to sell more products to your current, returning customers over and over. They already know your business and your products so they will shop with great confidence.

In Conclusion:
You will have an absolutely beautiful, and optimized for e-commerce, store. Shopify is quickly becoming one of the top choices among sellers and potential customers that are online right now. Are you ready to step up to the plate, create your own store and get to know customers looking for your unique products? The marketplace is exploding with sellers setting up their own shops and selling their own products. It’s profitable and a much better avenue for being totally independent within your own set of rules, regulations while finding the potential customers you are looking to attract. Shopify is growing in leaps and bounds and proving they are the next great contender online to date!

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What is Shopify? – E-commerce solution to create your online store

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