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The Cheapest Whey Protein Powder Which You Can Afford


The Cheapest Whey Protein Powder Which You Can Afford
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In this video i review, one of India’s most cost effective whey proteins powder.

This protein can be picked up , I believe they also do home delivery within Delhi NCR.

“Body pro nutrition”
shop no 40, 21 c market, near park plaza hotel, faridabad.

Tarun Gill is an internationally certified Fitness Nutritionist and Advanced Personal trainer, helping millions get fit and healthy. Having worked in major Fortune 100 companies including IBM, GE, MetLife, HSBC, as a Marketing and Communications professional, he realised his true calling is fitness.

A Graduate in History from St.Stephens College and a Masters Diploma holder in English Journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communications (IIMC), Tarun has been a fitness writer for over ten years. His uncanny skill of making complicated fitness programs into something uniquely simple has been appreciated by over 1 lac of his followers on social media.

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  1. Tarun sir , plz tell how to gain mass..?
    Should I take mass gainer aur whey on protien

  2. Sir plz tell me how much serving does 1000 GM whey give and how much 500 GM creatine gives

  3. Hello I have brought isolated whey protein and it’s contain 2 bags inside and powder is in that bags other than this everything matches according uh told about it help me

  4. pls go to myprotein website in india 11lbs(5kg) for 5139 free delivery if u buy for above 4999 and its very good fuck indian brands take 3 scoops if u need more protein (non isolate )

  5. Dude, i think you can sell shit for money. Just listen to your facts. I think you should watch your videos before posting them. Also without a Lab Report all reviews are just a marketing advertisement. Get a life.

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