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How BPI’s Whey Protein Is Made – Behind The Scenes


How BPI’s Whey Protein Is Made – Behind The Scenes
This is an awesome behind the scenes video which shows you how BPI’s whey protein is made. Get an inside looking into the process from the farm, to manufacturing, quality assurance testing and finally packaging.


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  1. Absolute crap. I buy danish whey protein with NOTHING added to it, no sweeteners, no nothing. Literally just the whey. You know what? It tastes much better, and is of much higher quality than the shitty protein they have to add flavor to.

  2. Look your being overcharged for milk by product that otherwise would’ve been thrown away 😂

  3. Nice to see the emphasis of deterring from Ion Exchange and using temperature instead. Helps keeps a lot of the immune system benefits intact. The difference between a concentrate and isolate 🙂

  4. Its quite simple……If it goes though this process, adding flavoring etc etc etc.Its processed. Its not about weight loss and being CUT Its about the long term effects that all processed crap has on your neurological system. Eat whole organic foods with good fats and you will achieve the same results with a whole lot less problems in your later years. ANYTHING in a 5lb containe is processed and is poison.

  5. I like companies that dare to show manufacturing process. You got to have faith in your product to do that.

  6. where all the soy and lecithin comes from then? why do they skip that step of processing? huh?

  7. “Naturally made in our artificial factory”
    “We name our cows”
    “Welcome to the land of dairy”

  8. forgot to tell us about that delicious sucralose and other artificial and toxic flavors that are added in there. MMmmmmm deliciousss

  9. The first part with the farm is totally bullshit. This is amazing how they can lie just to sell their shits.

  10. With the recent dairy crisis in Wisconsin I wonder if more dairy farmers could direct more of their production towards whey.

  11. Who else watched the video while he was enjoying his natural and healthy whey protein? My favourite flavour is strawberry mojito which i think is super healthy for your body!i know cause i saw “behind the scenes” video!

  12. Guys, I’m not saying this cause Rich Piana brainwashed me into thinking this, it REALLY is true. I don’t care if supplement companies like BPI show these videos to “prove” how the protein is made and that it legit has 25 grams of protein in it, went thru strict 3rd party lab tests blah blah blah, Labrada Nutrition was the first supplement company to even claim the stuff BPI is claiming in this video. That STILL wouldn’t convince me to go and buy their protein powder, or protein powder in general. You wanna know how you can TRULEY tell that the protein in your shake is a legit 25 grams and not 10 to 15 grams or whatever?? DO NOT EVEN BUY PROTEIN POWDER! it’s a waste of fuckin money and doesn’t do much for your goals. Wanna buy the alternative protein shake that’s 100% EXACTLY what it claims it has in it, or better yet, what NATURE tells you it has in it?? Go and buy liquid egg whites, oatmeal and peanut butter. You have NO shit, no garbage, and no chemicals in your shake, it’s ALL natural ingredients the way nature intended. And more importantly, if you make a protein shake that consists of egg whites, you know DAMN well that you have a legit 25 or 30 or so grams of protein per serving in it without dare even second-guessing yourself. Not to mention egg whites are a million times cheaper than a 5 pound $50 protein container. Be smart, don’t waste your money on this shit

  13. for me it just needs to do it’s job. I don’t care about the taste but I will say I have bought this protein in the past and it does taste like shit. fyi

  14. whey from milk is not a waste product you retards, it’s actually a food cuisine in my county and protein is a protein.

  15. Show me one study that even suggests real food is more effective than supplemented protein. All you faggots are clueless

  16. You have to be either too naive or too stupid to actually believe this is how they get milk from all these cows (humanely).

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